The Ukrainian world champion in biathlon Dmitry Pidruchna there is no doubt that the Crimean Peninsula was illegally annexed by Russia and belongs to Ukraine.

Dmitry Pidruchny

“For me it is clear that in the East of Ukraine there is a war, annexed the Crimea, and Russia – the aggressor. All developed sequentially. First annexed the Crimea, then Putin has allowed the entry of troops into the territory of Ukraine. Then it is logical – I wanted to have a corridor to the Crimea. I tried to read the foreign media, as well as our. Zaglyadova and Pro-Russian media to have the information there, not just one side. I have formed an opinion about the aggression of Russia. Think she’s quite correct”, – quotes the athlete of the tribune.

The veteran said that his attitude to Russia is not affected even the lives of his wife in this country.

“My wife is not from Russia, and from Ukraine – from Uzhgorod. At 8 years old he moved to live in Russia, father from there. I have never had issues of annexation and aggression. She speaks fluent Ukrainian, sometimes correcting me, because rosiyanizm use. It is clearly of the same opinion about the situation and I,” concluded Pidruchny.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Pidruchny complained that the question of obtaining their own housing after his sensational victory in 2019 did not budge.

Earlier Dmitry stood up for the Russian Alexander Loginov, who continues to perform, despite the fact that previously caught doping.

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