Photo: Diplomats in conversation against raised the issue of the protection of dual-use technologies

Meeting in charge of industry Deputy Prime Minister with the diplomats took place on the background of the events surrounding the purchase of plant, Motor Sich Chinese.

Deputy Prime Minister for strategic industries Oleg Urusky held a meeting with the ambassadors of the Great seven countries. On Tuesday, August 11, said the mission of the G7 in Kiev.

Diplomats raised the issue of the protection of dual-use technologies, which has including the Zaporozhye plant Motor Sich, which produces engines for helicopters and aircraft.

“Obviously, one of the main topics of the meeting was the question of the sale of the company Motor Sich, the Chinese concern” involves the publication of the European truth.

We will remind, a subsidiary of China Beijing Skyrizon and DCH Group in Kharkiv businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky August 4 jointly filed a new application to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on the purchase of Motor Sich.

Earlier, a group of DCH agreed with the Chinese investors, representing Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings, joint development of the plant Motor Sich.

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