The flags of the United States and China

The US authorities consider the possibility of introducing duties on imports from China of products with potential damage of $ 30 billion.

United States of America to develop a proposal for the introduction of duties on products from China, the damage from which for the Chinese import in the United States, could reach about $ 30 billion a year, writes Politico.

According to the newspaper, the new duties can be the answer to China, which, according to US violates the intellectual property rights of American manufacturers.

The initiator was the United States trade representative Robert Lighthizer.

We will remind, on 8 March the US President, Donald trump has signed a decree on introduction of import duties on steel and aluminum. The imported steel will be taxed at 25%, aluminum − 10% .

Trump called defeasance for the EU new duties

China has stated that they will not initiate a trade war with the US, but will be able to protect their interests and to answer any calls.

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