Photo: USAF

The last mission the unit was completed at the end of 2019.

Space power the United States will launch into orbit on a secret mini-Shuttle X-37B, but its new mission is not really secret. The spacecraft will go to the sixth mission on may 16 from Cape Canaveral, reports “gromadske” with reference to Engadget.

Despite the fact that it belongs to the air forces of the United States, to control the start of the experiments and the fit will be a newly established Space force.

This unmanned mini-Shuttle started its mission in 2010, in fact, it was a platform for “experimental payload”, which conducted experiments on orbit. What it was for research, the US air force did not specifically say that.

The last mission the unit was completed in late 2019, he stayed in orbit of 780 days, which is 240 more than originally planned. But about the new mission of the American military speak more readily Shuttle will deliver a satellite into space FalconSat-8. It was created by the United States air force Academy and is an educational platform.

In particular, the researchers will study the reaction of different materials to stay in space to see how cosmic radiation affects seeds and will learn how solar energy is converted into radio frequency microwave energy.