Landing astronauts on the Earth’s satellite is planned to spend $35 billion.

The draft budget of NASA in 2021 assumes a record increase in funding in the amount of 25.2 billion dollars, which is 12 percent greater than in 2020, according to the American space Agency, says

“Support from the President [USA Donald trump] has increased at a time when we are laying the groundwork for the first landing of a woman and the next landing of men on the South pole of the moon in 2024. This budget will allow us to clearly follow the action plan,” — said the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein.

He noted that the Agency for the first time since the Apollo lunar program will receive funding for the creation of a lander on Earth’s natural satellite. Just landing astronauts on the moon in 2024 it is planned to spend 35 billion dollars. In July, 2019 Vice-President Mike Pence announced that the American lunar program involves the continuous presence of astronauts on the Earth’s satellite. At the same time NASA announced that the reusable space ship Orion for lunar mission the Artemis-1 ready.