Model called the MAVERIC
Photo: EPA

“Green” aircraft model future surprising design.

On Tuesday at the air show in Singapore, Airbus introduced the “green” model aircraft of the future.

Externally, the aircraft organically would look in the sequel to “Star wars”, while the proposed model is designed to significantly reduce fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, BBC reports.

This task in the fight against climate change are trying to solve all of the airline giants.

By combining of the body and wings into a single smooth shape, the designers expect Airbus to reduce resistance in flight, which will help to reduce the amount of fuel used by 20%.

The first flight test of a new model, called Maveric, completed in June last year in France and will continue until mid-2020 at the landfill near Toulouse.

Unclear are two issues: will the plane window and as will be placed in the passenger seat.