For the adoption of the draft resolution needed nine votes

Photo: AFP

Russian draft UN security Council resolution condemning the missile attack on Syria, was not adopted, as it received the required number of votes.

“The results of the voting is as follows: three votes in favor, eight votes against, with four abstentions. The draft resolution was not adopted due to the fact that not received proper number of votes”, – stated in the voting on the Russian draft the permanent representative of Peru to the UN and Chairman of the UN security Council in April, Gustavo Mesa, Quadro.

It is reported that “for” Russian document voted, in addition to Russia, Bolivia and China. Kazakhstan, Peru, Equatorial Guinea and Ethiopia decided to abstain. The other eight members of the security Council, including France, the US and Britain, voted against.

For the adoption of the draft resolution needed nine votes.

Following the vote, the permanent representative of France to the UN Francois Delattr said that members of the UN security Council approved the Russian draft resolution, as I understand, that this military operation was necessary.

“Members of the UN security Council sent a clear message that they understand the purpose of our operation,” he said after the vote.

As reported, Russia on Saturday circulated a draft resolution of the UN Security Councilcondemning the missile attack, the US and its allies on Syria.