The UN General Assembly passed resolution A/72/L. 58, “the complete and unconditional withdrawal of foreign armed forces from the territory of the Republic of Moldova”, which refers to Russian troops in Transnistria. Stream sessions were conducted in the YouTube channel of the UN.

For the resolution voted by 64 countries, against — 15 abstained — 83.

Foreign Minister of Moldova Tudor Ulyanovsk before the vote, said the resolution raised the question of fundamental importance for the country .

“After nearly 27 years after the country gained independence, and 26 years after she became a member country of the UN, the operational group of Russian troops and their weapons still located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova without the permission of the authorities of the country. The presence of foreign military forces and armaments on the territory of Moldova without her explicit consent is not only compatible with its independence, sovereignty and neutrality, it is also contrary to international law and the UN Charter,” he said.

The head of the Moldovan foreign Ministry explained that the resolution calls on all countries to strictly adhere to the principles of the UN Charter. The issue of presence of Russian troops should be solved peacefully and without preconditions, he said. According to the Ulyanovsk, the agreement on principles of settlement of the conflict of 1992 gave Russia rights to military bases in Moldova.

The representative of Russia, answering this, said that Moscow was committed to implementing the mission’s mandate on the territory of Transnistria and political resolution of the conflict. The steps of Chisinau are destructive and contrary to international agreements, the Russian diplomat added. Offer Moldova is contrary to the OSCE’s approach to conflict resolution, he stressed.

The General Assembly resolution, unlike the decisions of the UN Security Council, are not binding.

The conflict in Transnistria escalated into armed clashes in 1992, in July in Bendery and Dubossary was introduced by the Russian peacekeeping forces. In Transnistria placed operative group of Russian forces (former 14th army).

In July 2017, the Moldovan Parliament adopted a Declaration calling for Russia to withdraw its troops. Prime Minister Paul Philip then said that the country intends to submit a question for consideration by the UN General Assembly.

In Moscow, then the intentions of Moldova is perceived as unfriendly and provocative. “Moscow is considering this step, ignoring the true root causes and realities of the limited presence of Russian troops on the Dniester, as another link in the chain of unfriendly actions undertaken recently in Chisinau opponents of positive changes in Russian-Moldovan relations”, — stated in the message of the foreign Ministry.