The test was a result of the development of the special Department of the Pentagon.

The us military has developed a test to identify COVID-19, which can show the presence of the virus in its carrier before you will be able to infect others.

On it informs the British edition The Guardian.

The test developers hope that it will reveal the presence of the coronavirus within 24 hours after infection, that is, several days before infected can transmit the virus further, and before he can manifest the symptoms of the disease. This is approximately four days earlier than allow to identify the available tests, the newspaper said.

According to The Guardian, this test was a result of the development of the office of promising research projects Pentagon (DARPA), originally intended for use in armed conflict. With the start of a pandemic coronavirus research program was refocused on combating COVID-19.

“This development will in the world to fill the gap with the diagnosis [of coronavirus — ed.]”, — the publication said the head of the laboratory of biotechnology of DARPA Dr. brad Ringeisen, adding that it is a “groundbreaking decision”.