When daylight saving to winter time?

The transition to winter time will traditionally take place in Ukraine on 28 October, on the night of Sunday.

Ukrainians on 28 October will have another clock in Ukraine by winter 2018. Traditionally, the arrows will need to be translated into the night on Sunday.

The annual transfer hours approved by the resolution of the Cabinet dated 13.05.96 №509. It is known that until now the economic development Ministry did not revoke the decision, despite repeated promises.

Transfer time to winter time in Ukraine will be held on October 28 at 4:00 in the morning.

The arrows this time will need to transfer back one hour, due to which Ukrainians will be able to sleep longer.

Transfer hours: medical advice

  • In order to avoid undesirable consequences for the organism, a week before the transfer clock is not recommended to take more intensive types of training. Also generally recommended to reduce physical activity to avoid fatigue.
  • Experts do not recommend to stay at work or to take on more difficult activities.
  • To minimize the damage you can consistently get to sleep 15 minutes later.
  • It is also desirable to eliminate from the diet fatty foods and alcohol, drink more water and herbal tea.
  • At least an hour before bedtime is recommended to abandon the use of gadgets.