Once in the USA wind power for three consecutive years showed record levels of growth, experts are pessimistic about its prospects in the future.

This writes OilPrice. The newspaper reminds that in 2019 the total active power of wind turbines in the United States 9.14 GW, with a further 44 GW are under development or construction.


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“On the horizon, the wind came the clouds: competition from fossil and solar energy, as well as the rejection of tax incentives for extraction, which still stimulated the growth of the industry. In this regard, experts are pessimistic about the future of wind energy the United States” – the newspaper notes.

Another factor that will affect the slower growth of wind energy is that “the best sites for land-based wind parks are already occupied”. However, the more wind energy there are prospects to recover in popularity due to the constant reduction in the cost of development and installation of the turbines, the authors note.

Now the developers of wind farms in a hurry to install as many wind turbines prior to the expiration of tax credits for the production at the end of this year. Experts expect that this year the share of wind and solar energy will have 76% of all new capacity from renewable energy.

“It is planned that this year will be about 18.5 GW installed wind generation. However, after that new arrivals are likely to decline as long as the industry will not process a tax rebate on production,” – the newspaper notes.

OBOZREVATEL previously described how TIME magazine included marine wind turbine Haliade-X 12 MW from GE Renewable Energy in the list of the best inventions that “make the world better, smarter and more fun.”

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