The full ring road will redistribute the flow of transit traffic to bypass the city and reduce traffic jams in Kiev.

Such a method to decongest the streets of the capital offered in the air ObozTV designer, urbanist Dmitry Makogon. The problem is long overdue: Kiev even fell in the rating of cities with the most congestion, finishing third in Europe and 12th worldwide.

Need to make a quality ring road to take transit. Now we have no ring, and the transit through the city. This is 20% of the traffic!” explained Makogon.

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He also urged to focus on the development of quality public transport.

According to experts, some people will abandon private cars and change on comfortable buses. In this case, the road will become more free.

“There is such a factor avtomobilebudivny. When a person has his car, but he sometimes uses it and sometimes does not use. In Kiev, in Ukraine, this ratio is 95%! That is, if a person has a car, it is almost everywhere on her travels. In European cities this ratio is about 50%. That means half of the movement is other means of transport: by bike, on foot… And why our people who have a car, everywhere they are? Because there is no alternative“, – he stressed.

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“In addition, the need to improve the quality of sidewalks, Bicycle lanes. Now 30% travel around the city is walking. Kiev walk a lot, “said urban planner.

Makogon added that the construction of new transport interchanges in the city centre does not solve the problem of congestion, but only “worsen the quality of life of citizens”.

“To live near the junction, to hear the noise… the City is still for the people, not for cars. And we need to develop the quality of life of people in the city, and not the quality of life of motorists”, – he advised.

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OBOZREVATEL recalls that the talk about the construction of Large ring road around Kiev is still underway in 2005. However, the road still exists only at the project level. According to the KSCA, the new ring will connect three international transport corridors and four national roads, and travel through it can be paid.

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