This concept was one of the key pre-election initiatives of the President Zelensky.

Thursday, February 6, in Ukraine officially presented the mobile application of public digital services Da — he was introduced to President Vladimir Zelensky and it is already working.

NV says the main thing you need to know about mobile app De and about the services that you can get with it — both now and in the future.

What is the app De and why is it necessary?

The idea of the state in mobile — that is, the ability to get online high of public services was one of the key pre-election initiatives of President Vladimir Zelensky.

After his election victory and triumph of the Pro-presidential public Servants for the early parliamentary elections was formed a new Cabinet of Ministers Alexei Goncharuk, and created a new Ministry of digital transformation. The Department was headed by Mikhail Fedorov, who led the digital campaign Zelensky, and one of its main projects was the creation of an application Power of I and I (Da).

Fedorov, who missed the February 6 presentation of their offspring due to illness, first told about the app in September 2019. Then he announced how the app and the portal, which will bring together in a single electronic window for all the services provided by government to citizens and business.

“Dia will be able to simplify and accelerate any interaction with the state, making as many processes as possible electronic and automatic to the official personally did not affect the time to obtain a certificate or a permit,” explained Andrei Fedorov, one of the developers D.

In December 2019 test access to the application is opened for 5 thousand Ukrainians submitted applications and 6 February 2020, the government officially introduced the launch D.

A few days before this, on 3 February the Ministry of digital transformation has launched a public IT company DIIA. It will have been digitizing top administrative services. The goal of the company five years to create a single resource for all services in the smartphone.

Download the app De on its official website. It is expected that they can benefit users of any smartphones: the app has already appeared in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

What you need to log in to the application De?

To use the application, you must identify yourself using technology BankID — this first step that the app will offer you to perform after installation.

To do this, you must agree to the transfer of information via your Internet banking using personal accounts in PrivatBank, monobank or through a Bank, sit down next to BankID. At the moment it is the Bank, Kredobank, Radabank, Motor Bank, Idea Bank, FUIB And Bank, Alliance Bank, and banks Pivdenny, Forward and East.

If your Bank is not in the above list — the app offers a “check for updates”.

What services are already there and what’s the promise?

At the moment, using the app available, only one service can “digitize” your driver’s license and registration certificate of vehicles (transport). Now they can be present instead of paper copies.

In the future, as promised by the government and the President, the application should appear DJ and many other digital services.

Among them:

• A single online service registration of a newborn baby Malyatko (allows to simultaneously execute all necessary documents for the child), which in Ukraine is already running in test mode since January, 2020. It promises to sync with the app Da in the near future.

• Insurance policy of obligatory and extended third party liability;

• Student tickets

• Analogue digital passport — his promise to introduce by March 2020. Electronic ID-card will be the option mobile app De and allow officially to assure the identity of the person in obtaining various government and business services, for example:

— travel within Ukraine air and rail transport;

— medical care;

— banking operations;

— obtaining administrative and other services;

— proof of identity at the request of law enforcement.

President Vladimir Zelensky also said that Ukraine will try to introduce the possibility of online voting in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

How to “digitize” their instruments?

An important condition is the digital version of the documents that the user wants to obtain through the app De must be designed by the owner of the smartphone.

Another condition is “digitized” it can only be documents of new models issued after 2013.

In this case, the application must “pull” your documents automatically.

If this does not happen and your documents are displayed, the app will offer to verify them in e-office of the driver and leave the application to verify the data in the registry.

If the document is loaded, you can present them to police officers when needed.

In this case, the app generates the QR-code, which is valid for three minutes. During this time, law enforcement will be able to scan it and get information about your documents.

The application also has a tips & chat-bot, which should help users to solve problematic issues.