Christina Koch
Photo: EPA

It lasted 328 days.

Christina Koch landed with a parachute in the meadows of Kazakhstan near Zhezkazgan in 11.12 Moscow time, writes, “Around the world”.

The astronaut spent 328 days on the International space station (ISS), exceeding the previous record set by American Peggy Whitson (289 days). Whitson installed it on 28 December last year (she still holds the record for the total amount of time accumulated in the course of three space flights in the years 2002-2017).

Stay Christina Koch on the ISS for only 12 days less than the record of the United States, set by Scott Kelly in 2015-2016.

Koch arrived on the ISS on March 14 last year. During his mission, astronaut circled the earth’s orbit 5248 times and overcame 223 million kilometers.

Christina Koch returned to Earth on the Soyuz spacecraft along with two other crew members of the Italian European space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano and Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr Skvortsov.

Journalists the woman said that she is incredibly happy. And added that her record is a matter of honor and that she wants to be a role model for future generations of space explorers.

During his stay on the ISS Christina Koch marked another important milestone in the history of spaceflight. On 18 October last year, she made the first spacewalk along with her compatriot Jessica Meir.

The couple spent seven hours outside the ISS, replacing a faulty power supply.

And 15 and 20 January women astronauts performed two EVAs.

The longest continuous space flight

Valery Polyakov (Russia): 437,7 days (1994-1995).

Sergei Avdeev (Russia): 379,6 day (1998-1999).

Vladimir Titov (USSR) and Musa Manarov (USSR): 365 days (1987-1988).

Mikhail Kornienko (Russia) and Scott Kelly (USA): 340,4 day (2015-1916).

Christine Koch (USA): 328 days (2019-1920).