Aeroflot plane

The aircraft received damage to the blades of the engines due to snow and ice on runways. For the repair of ships will take a few days.

On the last weekend of the 19 Airbus A320 of Russian airline Aeroflot was damaged. On Monday, February 6, reports RBC, citing a source in the company and the employee profile of the Department.

Cause of damage called “poor cleaning of the runways of airports during snowfall in Russia.”

The representative of Aeroflot declined to comment.

According to one of the interlocutors in the course of braking the aircraft after landing, the engine thrust was sucking the ice or snow, which remained on the runway with poor cleaning.

“This leads to the fact that the blades of the engine are damaged,” he says.

Another interviewee noted that, although this is not a serious injury, but the aircraft may not be operated . The repair period may take a few days, he adds.

In other rossiyskx airlines has not yet responded to the queries, if they’ve encountered any similar problems in recent days. But a source at one company said that such damages in Russia in the winter “are not unique”.

Recall, for the last weekend in Moscow fell to 122% of the monthly norm of precipitation is 44 mm. the Snowfall became the most powerful in the history of meteorological observations. In Moscow airports canceled and detained more than 850 flights.

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