Users need not give Neymar fall down or fall off so did not see the judge.

The Network is gaining popularity of the two games, which was devoted to the simulation of Brazil striker Neymar for the world Cup 2018.

In the first game Neyboy Challenge you must use the arrow keys to help Neymar to keep his balance and not fall. If he falls, cries, and rolled away from the field.

In another game Rolling Neymar inverse problem: the player needs to make to fall, when he’s not watching the judge, and if Neymar will not have time to fall, it will automatically be shown a red card.

The neymar spent on the pitch about 15 minutes in five of the games and it did not go unnoticed – it began to Troll all and Sundry.

In Mexico, came up with a challenge for their fans, and in Portugal ambulance published social advertising, in which was used the image of Neymar.

Trolling Neymar joined a porn site Pornhub.

Recall that after the defeat of Brazil in the match against Belgium on Neymar joked the mayor of Brussels and the football team of Mexico.

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