On January 30 in Ukraine and all over the world celebrate some holidays, namely: Day of the specialist of military and social control of the Armed forces of Ukraine. Birthday of Victor, Ivan and Paul.

OBOZREVATEL offers its readers learn the meaning of this day for history, and which, according to national signs, is the weather.


Novostirussia observances January: noted
Day specialist military and social control of the Armed forces of Ukraine

The holiday is celebrated since 2011. Its goal is the education of patriotism, the maintenance of the prestige of military service and loyalty to military tradition.

Signs 30 Jan

  • Warm weather on this day, promise severe frosts in the near future.

  • The thaw heralds an early spring and a good catch of fish.

  • The sun at noon seemed to be early spring, but if it’s snowing, spring will be late.

  • If the night is cloudy, there will be a good harvest of grain crops.

  • The month of the horn circular – to clear and frosty weather.

  • A clear and windless day – to frost.


What not to do on 30 January

  • It is impossible to remember the past, to cry and to be sad.

  • Do not engage in divination, which is life-threatening.


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