Photo: De Telegraaf Lost found local tribe

A woman with children roamed the jungle 34 days, eating berries. The military immediately took people to the hospital.

In Amazonia has been alive and relatively unharmed to find a mother and her three children who got lost and wandered through the jungle for 34 days, writes De Telegraaf.

Family more than a month ago went into the woods. However, a thunderstorm started and a 40-year-old mother with children of 10, 12 and 14 years, lost my bearings and couldn’t come to the place where her husband.

Lost found local tribe in Peru. Representatives of the tribe, according to the publication, has posted a family picture to Facebook, after which the father reported this to the Colombian and Peruvian military.

The location of women and children was established. They were evacuated and immediately placed in the hospital. People diagnosed injuries on his feet, and they were exhausted.

As told the woman and her children had to eat berries.

Earlier it was reported that in the desert of Australia found a man who lost two weeks ago.

Also recall that in the jungles of Mexico found a thousand-year Mayan Palace.

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