The ban relates personally to Spielberg and his relations with Israel

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. A frame from the video

New directing project Steven Spielberg’s “Secret dossier”, whose trailer has recently appeared online and which starred Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep took the rental Desk at Lebanon, says Deadline.

Initially the film received a certificate for distribution in Lebanon. But later “on the recommendation” of the Ministry of economy of Lebanon for distribution of the picture banned. It is not related to the immediate content of the film, but relates personally to Spielberg and his relations with Israel.


  • It became known, what will be the film “Solo. Star wars: Stories”

Note, the film is based on real events, the story of how in 1971, the Washington Post decided to publish the secret documents of the Ministry of defense. The so-called “Pentagon Papers” was not intended for the press, but were transferred to a former state Department official Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon papers hostile to the war in Vietnam. They argued that the administration of President Lyndon Johnson lied to the public and Congress about US involvement in the Vietnam war, and the administration of Richard Nixon had secretly made of escalation of the military conflict.