Zakharov: people Have a feeling that there is a limit to any patience

Screenshot: RT in Russian / YouTube

In the case of the continuation of attacks by radicals in Ukraine, at the diplomatic institutions of the Russian Federation, “the Russian public may burst patience.” This was at a weekly briefing in Moscow on 30 November, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, answering the question, whether to migrate the Consulate of the Russian Federation from Kiev and Lviv in the occupied Donbass. The briefing was broadcast on the channel RT on YouTube.

“I want to remind that the Ukrainian diplomatic consular missions are working here and there are Ukrainian diplomats. We protect them. But we understand that people have a feeling that there is a limit to any patience,” she said.

Zakharova added that Russia may not need to endure missions of Russia in Kiev and Lviv.

“You know, our recent historical example talked about the fact that sometimes you don’t need a transfer, and it sometimes turns out that changing the status of diplomatic missions. Here we have, for example, was the Consulate General in Simferopol, and then became a representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in the region. It happens so,” concluded the speaker of the foreign Ministry.

On the night of 26 November at the Consulate of Russia in Lviv was held to protest over the capture of the ships of naval forces of Ukraine and of 24 Ukrainian sailors, in the area of the Kerch Strait. Activists gathered under the building of the Consulate in Kharkov and the Russian Embassy in Kiev.

The next day in Lviv we strengthened the security of the building of the Russian Consulate. Lviv deputies called to close the Consulate General of the Russian Federation.