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The recalculation of a payment for heating depends on the cost of gas and its specific weight in the cost structure of heat supply.

The Ministry of regional development explained how to recalculate for the Central heating for the population, which previously took more than a hundred cities. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry reports Wednesday, January 22.

“The services for centralized heating for the population are carried out on the actual volumes of consumed heat energy, calculated on meter readings based on the actual outside temperature and the actual number of days of service”, – reported in the Ministry.

As of January 20, 2020 in Ukraine 80.8% of the residential buildings were equipped with metering of thermal energy.

Leaders in the number of residential buildings are equipped with metering of thermal energy is in Cherkasy (98%), Mykolaiv (98%), Kharkiv (94,8%), Khmelnitsky (93,5%) and Vinnytsia (93,0%) region. The lowest indicators in Kirovohrad (45,2%), Luhansk (41.1 per cent), Ternopil (18,9%) regions.

Since the outside air temperature in December was lower than November, the amount of heat consumed in this month increased. For example, the average temperature in November 2019 in Kiev, was +4.5 °C, in Lviv +6.4 °C, and in December 2019 was +2,7 °C and to +2.4 °C, respectively.

The main component of the tariff for thermal energy and services Central heating is the cost of natural gas.

In December of 2019 the price of natural gas was 4276,70 UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters (without VAT). In the tariffs for heat supply of the majority of enterprises CTV price of natural gas included in the amount 6235,51 UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters (without VAT ). That is, the price difference reached 1958,810 UAH, or 31.4%.

Therefore, the Cabinet decision of December 24, 2019 (No. 1082) heating utilities the opportunity to reduce the amount paid for heat and utilities if the price of natural gas purchased in the corresponding month of the heating season were lower prices of natural gas are accounted for in the tariff structure.

Based on this government regulation has already been 143 CTV made the decision about reduction of the size of fees on a centralized heating for the population.

The percentage reduction in the amount of payment for these services depends solely on the cost of natural gas reflected in the structure of existing tariffs for heat supply services, and the specific weight of this component in the cost structure of services.

“The more the cost of gas, the tariff structure and the greater its specific weight, the greater the percentage of conversion for the consumer. Conversely, the smaller the cost of gas and its specific weight in the tariff structure (for example, when using enterprise for production of thermal energy other fuel types: coal, wood, pellets, electricity, etc.), the smaller the percentage of the refund to the consumer”, – told in the Ministry of regional development.

It specified that social assistance for consumers of services on centralized heating and centralized hot water supply (incentives and subsidies) will remain unchanged (will not decrease the size of benefits and subsidies in connection with the allocation).

The Ministry of regional development cited the example of the recalculation for the customer service, living in Kiev in the apartment with an area of 48.8 sq. m.

In November 2019 the volume of heat consumption by apartment according to the readings of the metering device made up 0,5846 Gcal (at a temperature of 4.5°C), and in December 2019 – 0,789 Gcal (at a temperature of 2.7 °C).

The tariff for a service for Central heating constant – 1654,41 UAH/Gcal.

Accordingly, the accrual for service was made in November 2019 967,17 hryvnia (0,5846 x 1654,41 Gcal UAH/Gcal), and in December 2019 1305,33 hryvnia (0,789 x 1654,41 Gcal UAH/Gcal).

According to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 1082, the consumer is in December 2019, have received the amount of the conversion in the amount of UAH 287,17.

That is, instead 1305,33 UAH, the consumer paid 1018,16 (less 287,17 UAH).

Information on the allocation specified in the payment separately.

Earlier, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk reported on the reduction of tariffs by 30%. In 124 cities of Ukraine in December has carried out the recalculation, there are 131 enterprises Teplokommunenergo.

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