Senator Paul has stated that he intends to not push senators to expedite the impeachment process

Photo: EPA

45 Republican senators in the us Senate ready to reject the charges against the President of Donald trump in the process of impeachment and complete it. This was stated support of the American President Senator Rand Paul, says The Washington Post.

According to him, five to eight Republican senators want to know more information from the Democrats.

Paul said he is ready to push for the completion of the proceedings against trump, but this is not enough votes.

The Senator stressed that it will continue to exert pressure on their colleagues that they abandoned the trial.

Republicans in the Senate 53 Democrats and 47. To finish the proceedings in the matter of the impeachment of trump, you need a simple majority – 51.

18 December 2019 the House of representatives approved two articles of charges in the procedure of impeachment of trump: “abuse of power” during the conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and “obstructing the work of Congress” during the investigation. Democrats believe that the head of the White house for the sake of personal political gain has ignored US national interests. Trump became the third American President, which the House of representatives has impeached.

Lawmakers of the house of representatives has introduced in the upper chamber of the article of the charge. January 18, 2020 members of the U.S. house of representatives passed in the Senate 111-page document justifying the impeachment of trump.

Trump’s lawyers believe that both articles should be rejected.

Senate Republicans rejected all proposals of the Democrats on rules. Senators also rejected three different proposals of the minority leader Chuck Schumer to request a subpoena at the White house, State Department and office of management and budget documents and information concerning trump with Ukraine.