RAM: the Document, which was approved yesterday, gives an opportunity for all to demonstrate their political will

Photo: mil.gov.ua

The truce in the Donbas, which should come into force from midnight on 27 July, allows the fighters to demonstrate “political will” to stop the attacks. Such opinion at a briefing July 23, stated the Minister of defense of Ukraine Andrei Taran. The broadcast of the press conference leads TCH.

“No one is going to wait for us to kill. There is article 51 of the UN Charter, which gives the right to defend themselves. But now we are talking about a real opportunity to stop the fire from two sides. The document, which was agreed yesterday, as time gives opportunity for all to demonstrate their political will. We have such a political will is there. I hope that the other side will also show the presence of such political will,” said Taran.

Answering the question why he believes that the new truce unlike previous ones, will be executed, the defense Minister said: “I also saw a lot of truces… I held on the line of collision eight months… But if nothing is done, nothing will happen.”

Володимир Зеленський і Симонетта Соммаруга дадуть спільний брифінг для ЗМІ після відвідування Луганщини

Спільний брифінг президентів Україна та Швейцарії поблизу лінії фронту у Станиці Луганській

Posted by ТСН on Thursday, 23 July 2020

In the evening of 22 July, the Office of the President of Ukraine said that the trilateral contact group during the videoconference agreed on a full and comprehensive ceasefire in the Donbass from midnight on July 27. “Compliance with full and comprehensive ceasefire in case it is observed by the other party, is the basic prerequisite for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and opens the way for implementation of other provisions of those agreements”, – emphasized in the message of the OP.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that forces operations of the United forces will respond to enemy attacks after the ceasefire went into force.