Photo: Twitter Queen is in isolation with her husband

Elizabeth II 21st April ‘ 94. Because COVID-19 relatives will be able to congratulate her only on video.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate his birthday with his family. However, due to the quarantine imposed in the event of a pandemic coronavirus, all members of the Royal family are in isolation, so the celebration will be held at the video conferencing Zoom in, writes Daily Mail.

Its 94 th anniversary Elizabeth II meets with the spouse, the 98-year-old Prince Philip in isolation at Windsor castle.

Other members of the Royal family will not be able to arrive and personally to congratulate her because of the quarantine. So Windsor will arrange sessions in which the family will be reunited, and the children and grandchildren of the monarch to congratulate her.

Previously, Elizabeth II had asked not to have a traditional salute in her birthday on April 21. She thought it was unnecessary and inappropriate during an epidemic of coronavirus infection.

We also wrote that Zelensky congratulated the British Queen happy birthday.

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