Photo: the Professor went to meet the students, for which he paid

The teacher did not exempt black students from exams that they can’t prep because I go to protests. In response, the young people wrote a petition to dismiss the Professor.

Professor, University of California Gordon Klein was suspended from work for three weeks after he refused to release from examinations of their black students. The man has a teaching experience of 39 years, writes Daily Mail.

Klein received a letter from the students of African Americans who demanded his release from exams and asked about the special relationship on the background of the situation after the death of George Floyd.

The students argued the impossibility to give themselves to their studies due to the fact that they “support their black classmates”.

Gordon Klein responded with a quote the leader of the movement for civil rights of African Americans Martin Luther king: “I Have a dream that one day my four little children will live among the people who will judge them not for the color of skin and personality”.

Klein also asked what to do with the student, if he, for example, African American half: “How do you propose to do in relation to such students? Full or partial indulgence?”.

Discouraged, the students posted a correspondence with his teacher and created a petition demanding his dismissal from the school.

The answer is Klein considered it “extremely insensitive, dismissive and unfortunate racist to ask for sympathy and compassion in a time of civil unrest”.

The petition was signed by almost 20 thousand people, and the Professor began to threaten and accuse him of racism.

Police took custody of the house of Gordon Klein.

Recall that during the protests in the US in two cities demolished monuments to confederates.

Also wrote that the film gone with the wind was removed from the air because of racism.

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