The protests have forced the Prime Minister to resign

Photo: EPA

The ex-President of Armenia, incumbent Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan announced his resignation, reported the correspondent of “Gromadsky” from Yerevan.

It is noted that the Prime Minister resigned amid mass protests that take place in the Armenian capital.

April 9, Armenia has switched to a parliamentary form of government. Armen Sargsian became the first President elected in Parliament. Prior to that, the President of Armenia is elected by popular vote. From 2008 to 2018 was President Sargsyan.

On 16 April, the demonstrators began a campaign of civil disobedience against the Prime Minister Sargsyan, who is also the head of the ruling party of Armenia.

The protest leader Nikol Pashinyan said on April 17 about the beginning of the velvet revolution. On this day, at a special sitting of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Armenia Sargsyan was elected Prime Minister.

18 April, protesters against his appointment as Prime Minister laid siege to his residence on Baghramyan street in Yerevan, the police began mass arrests.

April 22 held a meeting with Sargsyan Pashinyan. It lasted a little over three minutes. After the failure of negotiations the opposition resumed protest action, the police detained Pashinian, and two deputies of the National Assembly.

The EU urged the authorities to release detained protesters who are not breaking the law.

Today, April 23, Pashinian, and two of the opposition deputies of the National Assembly released. Pashinyan said that the country “has been a change of government, give power back to the people.”