The Minister of defense looks forward to working with Congress

Photo: AFP

The Pentagon chief James Mattis, who attempts to shame Russian leader Vladimir Putin intimidate the West, the “new” weapons, believes that the Ministry of defense should have the flexibility of exceptions to the sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea in their own interests. This is stated in the text of the opening remarks of the Mattis prepared for closed hearings in the Senate Committee of U.S. Congress, reports TASS.

“The US President Donald trump signed on 2 August last year the law “On combating the enemies of America through sanctions”, in accordance with which introduced new sanctions to counter the aggressive actions of Iran, Russia and North Korea. I look forward to working with Congress to counter the possible consequences to national security created by this document. It is important for us to be able to have a flexible exception, otherwise we will deprive ourselves of the ability to act in our own interests and to hang a heavy burden on our partners and allies,” said Mattis.

As reported, the US plans to impose new sanctions against Russia. A new package of sanctions provides for a complete ban on any transactions related to public debt of Russia. The bill is available in the database of Congress documents.