Photo: “Vile” police tactics have saved the streets from the pedophile

The suspect of pedophilia, an American, managed to detain thanks to ditched the mask that protects against infection with coronavirus infection. The police had to go on a small trick.

Resident of the American state of California Leonardo Ramirez was arrested and charged with statutory rape of child with force. To detain the suspect managed with the help of medical masks, thrown by the attacker, writes the Daily Mail.

The police invited the 28-year-old Ramirez in the office under the pretext of the neutral.

At the station, the law enforcement officers asked the suspect to put on a new protective mask in order to prevent the spread COVID-19. The man obediently threw out his old mask in the trash and put a new one. His mask was immediately taken for examination.

Leonardo Ramirez.

The child who has been two years ago violence left DNA samples of the offender. The analysis is taken out of a dumpster masks Ramirez confirmed that he abused minors.

To the crime the man had already confessed.

Police captain Keith Boyd agreed that the tactics used by the officers was cowardly, but she helped to rid the streets from dangerous criminal.

We will remind that the inhabitant of Kiev was corrupted 13-year-old schoolgirl and filmed it on video. He wrote the girls a text, he lured to his home and then being fed alcohol and forced to sexual contacts.

We also reported that the cyber-police have uncovered a group of pedophiles.

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