Man cut your nails after 66 years of grooming

The man got rid of them after 66 years of sprouting. At the time of its 82 anniversary total length of the nail was more than 9 meters.

A resident of India Sridhar Chillal, who was named the winner of the world’s longest nails, cut them. This was reported on the website of the Guinness Book of records. The man was growing out my nails for the past 66 years.

Chillal raised nails only on his left hand. Pushed him to that master, who once chastised him in his youth because he broke his long fingernail. The teacher said that he will never understand how hard it is to keep the length of your nails, if you do not try to grow.

From nails the man escaped at the age of 82. By this time the long nails reached a length of 1.97 meters, and the shortest – of 1.64 meters.

In order not to break the nails, Chillal woke up at night every half an hour and I was moving hand. In 2015 he was listed in the Guinness Book of records.

Cut the nails he decided because of the constant pain – the weight of the nails and their length did not allow him to reveal the palm.

Earlier it was reported that the girl has set the world record for mileage on his heels, breaking the 42 kilometers.

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