16 July 2016 in the fashionable resort town of Saint-Jean-cap-Ferrat on the French Riviera hosted the wedding of the daughter of the oligarch Pavel Fuchs 21-year-old Anastasia and representative of the famous dynasty of Libyan Massoud Abdelhafid.

For the wedding from Russia and Ukraine came to a lot of celebrities. Igor Krutoy with his wife, daughters and son-in-law, Galina Yudashkin, the dietician Irina Pochitaeva, the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes. Vela is a luxurious action, telecomer Russian Housewives Andrey Malakhov.

Here as susceptible to the secular news “yellow press” described the wedding: “In a white dress from the French brand “Zuhair Murad” cost from 5 thousand dollars Anastasia proceeded to the altar, holding the hand of his 44-year-old father Paul Fuchs. On the finger of the bride sparkled a large diamond in a few carats. Guests of the celebration were treated to delicious European dishes and elite alcoholic drinks. A three-metre wedding cake figurines rotating lovers made star pastry chef Renat Agzamov. The culmination of the evening was the fireworks, which our guests enjoyed on the French coast.”

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Eating birthday cake from star pastry chef, the guests, of course, whispered. What a weird choice made by the bride? No, of course, this Libyan young man quite good looking. But to go with him down the aisle… a Foreign culture, another language. What is common between them? What they say, alone? What to remember? Laugh at? But recently Nastia was the groom. Young entrepreneur mark Isakov. They dated for almost two years and the case went to the wedding. And suddenly… wow!

The closest guests, of course, be careful not to offend anyone, was asking these questions to parents. But they just smiled and shrugged. They say, Oh the youth of today! Who can understand them? Do what they want, completely disregarding their parents. Said Tatiana Fuchs. Paul Fuchs she assented. Will not he explain to pesky guests that he was the initiator of this Union, and used all his authority with his daughter to convince her to agree to marry Massoud Abdelhafid.

In order to understand the reasons that prompted Paul Fuchs to persuade daughter to go down the aisle with the Libyan “horseman”, you should leave a wedding on the French Riviera and look at the history of Libya.

This is located in North Africa, the Arab state at the beginning of 2011 started riots, which escalated into a full civil war. The war ended on 20 October 2011 the brutal murder of longtime Libyan ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Took power the national Transitional Council, whose membership includes representatives of almost all ethnic groups and clans in Libya. And supporters and those close to Gaddafi, the soldiers of his personal guard and battalions loyal to Colonel – ran. Among running was and Masud Abdelhafid. No, no, not the groom Anastasia Fuchs, whom we had left on a luxury wedding, and his grandfather. Former Minister of internal Affairs of the great socialist people’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. One of the most close to Muammar Gaddafi, the courtiers, and who was called “a walking encyclopedia of Libya”.

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A most approximate to the dictator officials or to the side of the opposition or died. With Masood Abdelhafid did not happen neither one nor the other. He was a man of vision. Advance sent children and grandchildren – including Massoud, Jr. and his brother Ahmed in Europe. Gave money on the street. So that was enough to buy houses and open businesses. And he stayed with the dictator. But a trip to the last stronghold of Gaddafi – the city of Sirte, escaped. Under the pretext remained in Tripoli. And when he heard of the death of the Colonel, managed to escape. In Cairo. There he lived four years and died from a serious illness.

There, in Cairo escaped many men of the personal guard of Muammar Gaddafi. But to do that in Egypt they had nothing. Not craft to learn. And they found their way to Syria and Iraq. And there swore the fledgling Islamic state, creating a separate brigade “Batter” who fought in Iraq.

In early 2014, when the deeds of the Islamists in Iraq and Syria are getting worse, 300 soldiers of the brigade “Butter” returned to Libya. The revolutionary fervor of the opposition by that time subsided. Unity also collapsed. Various clans and factions fought among themselves for the “meat” of the oil field. The unified leadership of the country was not created as a unified army. Three hundred well-armed and trained batanovci “Islamic state” feel that they can not only take revenge on the hated opposition, but also to become full-fledged masters of Libya.

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Without much difficulty they seized territory in the desert and found there your laws. Sent messengers to Iraq, and soon there arrived to the aid of another 7 hundred militants of the “Islamic state”. Conducted a local recruitment and the number of bayonets is increased to 3 thousand. With this squad we could venture to capture not only the sites in the desert, and settlements. And it went.

After a few months, the “Islamic state” belonged to the vast territory of Libya. And most importantly – oil fields and deposits. Here it is – the source of real wealth. Moreover, the militants from the brigade “Batter” had no case to world oil prices. They were willing to sell their “black gold” on the cheap. But how? And to whom?

A paradoxical situation described by Leonid Filatov in his “Tale about Fedot-Archer daring fellow -“: “Is food, but there is nothing to eat. There is a bench, but there is nothing to sit.” Militants “Islamic state” possessed untold wealth and could not convert them.

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However, this situation did not last long. Commanders Islamists were people are not stupid and knew that with them – bearded and scary (that they have not been able to keep at Bay the enemies and subordinates) – none of the serious business people nor speaking, nor to conclude contracts will not. So we need intermediaries in Europe. Dressed in costumes made of pure English wool, smoothly shaved and smelling of expensive colognes. The Islamists began to figure out who can help them in supplying oil to Europe and beyond. The names of the family members Abdelhafid surfaced almost immediately. Masuda, senior, right hand of Muammar Gaddafi, many remembered and respected. And his grandchildren live in London. Arabic barely speak, were the British, stoyashie British businessmen. Do not help the countrymen and companions of their heroic grandfather?

Grandchildren of Masada Abdelhafid already quite settled down in London and even started a business – selling luxury housing. Millions of course you won’t, but you can live. And then it is a messenger from far Libya and offering to have oil. On reflection, the brothers agreed. Rather, agreed Ahmed. He made a decision: Massoud will continue to engage in the sale of housing, and he will take over oil supplies. It is, of course, not easy. No, to find businessmen willing to buy at bargain prices of “black gold” is not difficult. But how to transport the oil, hated the whole world “Islamic state”, through the Mediterranean sea? Under the watchful eye of all the intelligence agencies of Europe and exploration of the US Sixth fleet? The solution to this problem was to find Ahmed Abdelhafidh.

Paul Fuchs

And now back to a gay wedding in a luxury Villa in the town of Saint-Jean-cap-Ferrat. And try instead of the bride’s father to answer the question – how is it that Anastasia turned away from Mark Isakov and connected his life with the Libyan beauty?

It can be assumed that for the first time Nastya told her parents about her meeting with Libyan, how about a funny incident. And probably neither Tatiana nor Paul Fuchs drew story daughters the slightest attention. You never know where the youth hangs out in a huge London who meets.

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But once Anastasia came home and asked my father if he could help her Arab friend with the hire of Russian tankers? Paul Fuchs was surprised – why would a young businessman involved in real estate, tankers? Anastasia answer to this question did not know, and Pavel Fuks was asked to arrange a meeting with Massoud.

This meeting was held at the London hotel “Ham Yard”. The experienced Paul Fuchs immediately realized whose oil is going to transport his future son-in-law. In his head instantly began to spin the diagram in the finals of which loomed an account in offshore zone, which has the sum of nine zeros. And maybe, who knows, with ten.

He buys cheap oil from the “Islamic state”, gives her the oil extracted on deposits of the Kremlin-controlled field commander Khalifa the Haftarot, and sells in Europe at market prices.

The difference on each barrel will amount to… And if it is multiplied by the number of tons, which tells Masud Abdelhafid,… the words of the unforgettable Arkady Raikin: “Crazy money work.”

From immediate agreement to help with the hire of tankers to enter the business of a young man, Paul Fuchs kept only one. Concern that its “throw”. Take advantage of his connections. Start supplying. Will sign the contract. And politely shown the door “Russian businessman”, which is clearly unnecessary in this scheme. And instead of the amount with ten zeroes, he will have to settle for some pathetic two-three million dollars.

Paul Fuchs, rushing in my life so many people and companies knew how to do it. And realize that from this “kidka” it will not protect any organized crime groups. Do not pull these “Podolsk”, “Luzhniki” and “Ismail”, with at best a few hundred soldiers against thousands of well-armed and trained fighters, ready to Rob, rape and brutally kill and countrymen, and strangers, including women and children.

So, to get involved in this business. What about the amount of nine zeros? What should I do? What to do? And then in the fevered brain of Paul Fuchs probably flashed the idea. This guy should be tied to itself. Such strong bonds that he could not even think about the “fraud”. But what it can be ties? Of course, family.

That evening Anastasia Fuchs first heard that for the sake of huge profits, it will have to part with mark Isakson and marry Masuda Abdelhafid.

Paul Fuchs was not embarrassed by the fact that he is going its activities to support the bad people who commit mass murder, robbing entire countries and turning into slavery the whole people. He was not embarrassed that he’s going to enrich people who hate and his country – Russian, and his countrymen – the Jews.

However, with countrymen Paul Fuchs understood simply and quickly. When Masud Abdulhafiz learned that he in the name of the business will have to become the husband of Anastasia, he asked her one question: “do you have Jews in the family?”. Confused Anastasia didn’t know what to say and promised to ask the Pope.

Asked. In the same evening. “Jews? What are the Jews? What nonsense? Where you can be Jewish?” replied her son Jacob and Bella Fuchs. About this informed the groom that other impediments to marriage have not seen. However, declaring yourself “not a Jew” Paul Fuchs is not so lied. Shortly before this shameful episode, he abandoned the faith of their ancestors and became a Christian. He did all his life extremely easy refused partners, faith, friends…

To organize the transport to Europe of oil “Islamic state” proved harder than anticipated. The route was laid via the shortest route through Malta and Italy. But local officials were not fools and were not inclined to believe concocted the documents confirming the legality of transported oil. Moreover, Europe is not considered of General Khalifa the Haftarot legitimate representative of Libya. But there are no such obstacles, which could not overcome Paul Fuchs, on the way to a nine-digit account offshore.

How he managed to convince the authorities of Malta and Italy to accept tankers from Libya, remains a mystery. By and large, to investigate this need not journalists, and intelligence agencies. And someday they will answer this question. Known only to a point. When the supply of “black gold” began, Paul asked his brother-in-law Masud Abdelhafid. It is reported that a small gang, have not yet joined the “Islamic state” captured five Ukrainians and offers to buy them out for 10 tons of oil. Paul Fuchs said: “the Oil I have is not enough at all”. He added: “it was Not necessary for them to be captured”.

By the way, this case – finding out the involvement of Italian and Maltese politicians to the scheme transfer oil “Islamic state” to Europe – worked journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia, killed in Malta 16 October 2017 as a result of the explosion of a bomb attached to the underside of her car. The murder investigation continues, hopefully, the perpetrators of its organization will be found and the truth about the transportation of oil “Islamic state” will become known worldwide.

Meantime, will settle for what we know the answer to the question – who financed the “Islamic state” who helped the Islamists to transport and sell oil, earning it hundreds of millions of dollars. We all know it. In any case, that the concerns of the Libyan group – brigade “Better” – not broken and not loosened, in contrast to the Syrian and Iraqi units.