Photo: still from video of 80-year-old grandmother dyed her hair turquoise color

Grandmother whole life I’ve wanted to dye my hair, but could not implement his desire because of strict parents and husband.

A resident of Brazil in 80 years, first colored my hair and once in turquoise color. This reports the Metro.

Alaide Menna Barreto, who was 80 years old, from his youth dreamed of hair color. At first she forbade strict parents, then against such changes were made by the husband of Brazilian model.

After the death of her husband, the woman realized that life is too short. She decided to do her makeup, and later agreed on painting hair.

The woman helped to fulfill the dream of her daughter Julia, and the grandson of Bruno filmed the reaction of the grandma video. The footage shows that the woman was ecstatic and did not hide his emotions.

The video became popular in the network, and 80-Letna Barreto hopes that her example will inspire others “to do what they have always wanted but was too afraid.”

Previously, the social network removed a naked photo of “the hot grandma”. The banned because of excessive frankness. It was also reported that in Paris a pensioner accused of theft in the 700 toy stores.

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