Photo: Passengers showed “flood” in the train Railways

Passengers found in its coupe bucket, in which the ceiling was pouring water. Also flooded the floor and Luggage racks.

The Network showed the “flood” in the train Railways trains Nikolaev – Moscow. The video appeared on the page resource in Facebook.

The footage captured the incident in one of the cars of the train. Video was shot by passengers on the international train to Cherkasy. People came to take their seats according to the bought tickets and saw that the compartment flooded.

According to eyewitnesses, in the street at this point, there was a downpour, and from the ceiling of their car by a stream, pouring water. The employees of Railways have decided the question by substituting a jet bucket, and putting on the floor cloth.

The video shows that the water flooded not only the one compartment, but virtually the entire corridor of the car.

Users of the social network began to actively comment on the video. Some joke that the car “pool” and “shower” should be more expensive. Others said it was “the answer of Railways invaders.” Others wonder how five years of war with Russia, the carrier has not canceled the train to Moscow.

Railways often gets into scandals. Since August 1, the company said that Ukrzaliznytsia will buy shirts on 1,5 million UAH, and by the end of the day reversed the decision. In July 2019, it was reported that Ukrzaliznytsia has purchased glasses for two thousand hryvnias. A few days later the information appeared that the company buy liquid soap instead of expensive glasses.

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