Photo: Ratajkowski showed armpit hair and ran into criticism

Star starred in lace lingerie and with the natural vegetation on the body in support of feminist movements.

American supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski starred in lingerie with unshaven armpits and ran into criticism. The star has published on his page in Instagram.

The will be the cover of the September issue of the glossy Harper’s Bazaar. Photo Ratajkowski posing in Lacy bra with her hair, aggressive makeup. Star put her hands behind his head, showing the hair under her arm.

In comments to the snapshot model is designed to give women the opportunity to be who they want. Also the star said that she wrote an article for the magazine about the importance of women’s rights to choose: how to dress, what to post, to shave or not.

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Publication from Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Aug 8 2019 8:32 PDT

Many subscribers will model Ratajkowski accused of hypocrisy. They noted that the stars there was no picture with the armpit hair. Nick also stressed that “even with the armpit hair model is still trying to make the perfect shot with the perfect face and body.”

Earlier Ratajkowski in micro bikini bared chest. It was also reported that Emily Ratajkowski has appeared in underwear.

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