Photo: fans of the series are facing obesity, premature aging, diabetes and possibly cancer

Presents digital sculptures that illustrate a person’s appearance if he will spend hours watching TV. Due to lack of exercise, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle look is very sad.

The website OnlineGambling showed how will look in 20 years fans of Netflix and any other service the movie and TV series if they consistently spend time watching films. Experts have created Erica and Hannah, looking at which it becomes clear that they are far from sports and walks in the fresh air, writes the New York Post.

Eric and Hannah, according to the experts, have curvature of the spine, atrophied muscles. Under their eyes dark circles and eyes are bloodshot due to constant viewing of the new series.

The hair of the characters drop out due to lack of sunlight and vitamin D. For this reason, they have pale skin and began premature aging.

It is possible that serialmagic earn diabetes or even cancer.

Eric and Hannah are also always in a bad mood.

The developers claim that it would look so fans of Netflix, if they continue without stopping to watch TV shows and movies for another 20 years.

The publication notes that for the quarantine period to 44% of the population of Germany, the UK and the USA admitted that they were more likely to watch soap operas, not to chat with friends or even play video games.

As previously reported, Netflix encouraged to add dubbing in the Ukrainian language.

Also wrote a coronavirus that brought Netflix’s millions of subscribers and profits. The total number of service subscribers has exceeded 182 million, and profit for the three months amounted to 709 million

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