Photo: Buying currency decreased by 10 times

For minusow week, the national Bank bought $ 40 million. With the beginning of the year net purchase of foreign currency by the Central Bank accounted for 387.5 million USD.

During the last working week of 8-12 June, the national Bank of Ukraine bought on the interbank currency market 40.0 million dollars. While interventions by selling foreign currency were not conducted. On Friday, June 12, reported on the website of the NBU.

It is noted that the net purchase was reduced to $ 40 million compared with 410,7 million dollars million dollars a week earlier.

According to the Central Bank, since the beginning of the year, the NBU bought currency on the interbank market at 3 180.6 million dollars and sold 2 793,1 million dollars. Thus, from the beginning of 2020, the net purchase of currency by the national Bank accounted for 387.5 million USD.

On the eve of the NBU explained the fall in the dollar in crisis. It was noted that the American currency is reduced due to the fact that the proposal on the interbank market exceeds the demand.

Also record, the national Bank lowered the discount rate from 8% to 6%.

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