Zakharova: EU has no reason to go on about the supporters of the confrontation in Kiev and artificially dramatize the situation in the region

Photo: EPA

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia urged the European Union “not to dramatize the situation” in the sea of Azov and “take into account the realities prevailing in the region”. As the correspondent of UNIAN in the Russian Federation, at the briefing in Moscow said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Behind the veil of a certain militarization of the sea of Azov, the Ukrainian authorities deliberately stir up tensions in the region. In Kiev with bravado declare the establishment of a naval base in Berdyansk, declare their intention unilaterally in violation of international law to draw a line of demarcation in the Azov sea. Sound thoughts about engagement in the region of potential NATO”, – said Zakharov.

“EU partners need to keep in mind that such behaviour of Kiev can not but affect the situation in the region and as a consequence, we apply preventive measures to ensure the security of Russian citizens and objects of strategic infrastructure, in particular, the Crimean bridge,” she said.

Zakharov believes that the EU has no reason to “go on about the supporters of the confrontation in Kiev and artificially dramatize the situation in the region”.

“We believe that the EU’s actions will be of a responsible, transparent, consistent with international law and principles of European security and to consider the status of the Azov sea and the prevailing realities”, – said Zakharov.

She alleges that the detention by Russian border guards vessels in ports of Ukraine “is carried out in accordance with applicable law.”

According to the foreign Ministry of Russia, published in the Facebook office, in April – October 2018 was inspected 48% of vessels (720 of 1492), in the following Ukrainian ports or one of them.

Российская Федерация серьезно обеспокоена в связи с продолжающимися попытками Украины обострить ситуацию в Азовском…

Опубліковано Russian Foreign Ministry – МИД России Середа, 21 листопада 2018 р.

In April, Russian border guards have started to stop the court in the sea of Azov. For the six months detained more than 200 foreign ships that followed in Ukrainian ports.

In September, the national security Council and defense of Ukraine approved the complex of measures aimed at protecting Ukraine’s national interests in the southern regions, the waters of the Azov and Black seas.

According to the State border service of Ukraine at the end of October, Russia has already formed a group of more than 120 ships and boats in the sea of Azov.

The European Parliament on 25 October adopted a resolution which expressed concern over Russia’s violation of international law in the sea of Azov. The document condemns the excessive activity of the Russian Federation for the inspection of commercial ships in the waters of the Azov – both Ukrainian and third countries, including marching under the flags of EU member States.

November 15 assistant to the Chairman of the State border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan reported that Russia rerouted part of the naval forces off the coast of the occupied Crimea to the Azov sea. He noted that his Department is also expanding its presence in the Azov sea in response to Russia’s actions.

15 November in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation declared that can “in minutes” to close the sea of Azov to Ukrainian courts.

The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak said that Ukraine is ready to respond to threats from Russia in the Azov and Black seas.

On 19 November EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini said that the European Union in the near future intends to take action in connection with the situation with the blocking of vessels in the sea of Azov.