Photo: EP Kolomoisky and Medvedchuk are actively cooperating, learned media

Kolomoisky and Medvedchuk have a common business in several areas, found journalists.

In the Declaration the head of the political Council of the party of the Opposition platform – For the life of Viktor Medvedchuk found a number of offshore companies associated with businessman Igor Kolomoisky. This is stated in the investigation of the Scheme.

According to journalists, Kolomoisky and Medvedchuk have a common business in the energy sector, metallurgy, oil products logistics and media business.

So, it is noted that the wife of Medvedchuk Oksana Marchenko owns stakes in Lvivoblenergo, Prykarpattyaoblenergo, Zaporizhiaoblenergo, steel mill Dneprospetsstal, Zaporozhye Ferroalloy plant, logistics companies included in the so-called transshipment complex in Odessa, as well as the three TV channels: TV and radio company Studio 1+1, gravis-Kino (2+2), CJSC TET.

For property Declaration Medvedchuk, his wife is the ultimate beneficial owner of the Cyprus companies Margaroza Commercial Ltd Lex Perfecta Ltd, Kerelio Commercial Ltd, Miosaria Commercial Ltd and Zocatini Enterprises Ltd.

Earlier the lawyer Medvedchuk Igor Kirilenko confirmed that Oksana Marchenko is the owner of Bolic venchers Ltd. The company is present in the ownership structure of 1+1.

The “limited liability company “Investment company Harmony owned until March 2016 was Viktor Medvedchuk, and in March 2016 was Oksana Marchenko, in January 2012, acquired under license from the National Bank of Ukraine 100% shares of Cyprus company”Berezino investments Ltd. In February 2012, the company Beresini investments Ltd have bought the company Invesys investments Ltd 100% of the shares of the company Laroma venchers Ltd, which owned and continues to own at date, 33.33% of the shares of the company Bolik venchers Ltd. And the company Bolik venchers Ltd owns 49,999% of the company Alstrom Business Corp., which, in turn, owns shares of 1+1 TV channel and TV channel TET”, the lawyer said.

In the future, the owner of 100% shares of Laroma venchers Ltd was the company Celcaribe venchers Ltd, which is owned by Oksana Marchenko, which owns 8.22 percent of the shares of TV channel 1+1 and of 8.17% of the shares of the TV channel TET.

Kolomoisky, commenting on a share of the family of Medvedchuk in the structure of the Studio 1+1, said that for him it’s news.

“This is news to me. The procedure is as follows. We have received this information. The TV station needs to send requests: when there has been alienation, how did the alienation and why not reported. That is why said? Why learn about it from the Declaration? “- said the businessman.

However, he noted that he doesn’t care who his partner is.

“If Surkis was sold to the Medvedchuk. How can I affect it? If we are talking about Bolvik, before there was Surkis. Now in the Declaration wrote that the owner Marchenko. Need to figure out what share, how many shares. There is not written anything”, – said Kolomoisky.

Earlier it was reported that in the US there is an investigation on possible money laundering of PrivatBank co-owner of which was Kolomoisky.


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