The death of Orkhan Jemal, the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk and other news of the week

Photo: EPA; Katherine Gandzyuk / Facebook

Murder in Central Africa

On 31 July it became known about the death in the Central African Republic Russian crew, which included reporter Orkhan Jemal, the operator Kirill Radchenko and Director Alexander Rastorguev. The bodies of the Russians with gunshot wounds was found in 23 km from the town of sibut and brought to the base of the UN mission. In partnership with the “Center control investigations” of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the group did a documentary on the activities in the Central African Republic of the Russian private military company “Wagner”.

Local authorities suggested that the motive for the attack could be a robbery. Colleagues Jemal doubt in this version, calling the incident a political assassination.

On the night of 5 August, the airline company Air France has brought to Moscow the bodies of those killed.

Kostenko on the loose

3 Aug the Crimean political prisoner Alexander Kostenko was released from a Russian prison where he was serving a sentence for allegedly caused injury to the fighter of “Berkut” on the Euromaidan in Kiev.

The Case Savchenko – Ruban

On 2 August the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the investigation in respect of people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko and head of the “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban completed. He predicts that the court may proceed with the hearing until the end of 2018.

According to investigators, the victims, who planned Savchenko and Ruban, could be no less than 7 thousand people.

The massacre of Sarmat

31 July in Berdyansk Zaporizhia region in front of witnesses, shot a veteran of the ATO, public activist Vitaly Oleshko (Callsign nomad).

Photo: Vitaly Of Sarmat / Facebook

On the same day, four suspects in the murder was detained at the checkpoint in Vasilevka Zaporozhye region, was later arrested a fifth person involved in the case.

The witness to the murder of Andrey Oleshko Madjarov claims that his buddy shot one of the suspects, a former soldier of the battalion “Tornado” Artem Matyushin.

The main version of the investigation is a murder on the grounds of hostile relations in connection with business activities of Sarmat.

Catherine Gandzyuk

31 July in Kherson doused with sulfuric acid, the public figure, the Manager of Executive Committee of city Council Catherine Gandzyuk. She received chemical burns over 30% of the body. 1 Aug Gandzyuk flown to Kyiv for treatment.

Initially, the police opened criminal proceedings under article “hooliganism”, but later twice changed the qualification: in “intentional grievous bodily harm, committed with the purpose of intimidating the victim”, then on “attempt at murder with special cruelty”.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine said that the investigation is considering several versions of the incident, including – office activity of the victim, her active citizenship, and domestic conflicts.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said on 3 August that the police arrested a suspect in the assassination of Gandzyuk.

Bridge. Sanctions

The European Union on July 30 imposed sanctions against Russian companies, which participated in the construction of Crimean bridge. In the sanctions list includes PJSC “Mostotrest”, LLC “SGM”, JSC “Institute Giprostroymost – Saint-Petersburg”, LLC “Shipyard “Zaliv”, LLC “stroygazmontazh – the Bridge” and JSC “WAD”.

The attempt on Maduro

On 4 August the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro made an attempt during his speech at a parade in Caracas. An attempt was allegedly going to blow up over the tribune drones. The President said that police have arrested several people involved in the assassination and that the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos personally responsible for what happened.

VIDEOVideo: Grupo Valora / YouTube

Responsibility for the attack took on an anti-government group “Flannel soldiers”.

Manafort on trial

July 31 in the U.S. city of Alexandria began the trial on the case of alleged financial crimes of the former head of election campaign of Donald trump, political consultant Paul Manafort. Spectacular USA Robert Mueller said on 30 July that Manafort earned while working in Ukraine in the years 2005-2014 $60 million, most of which are concealed.

The crash of the week

The Embraer 190 of Aeromexico July 31 fell shortly after takeoff near the airport General Guadalupe Victoria in the Mexican city of Durango. The Board followed in Mexico city. No one died, 98 of the 103 passengers on Board were injured.

In the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia on August 4, crashed helicopter Mi-8, killing 18 people – 15 rotation workers and three crew members.

August 5 in Switzerland, during a pleasure flight crashed aircraft Junkers Ju-52 during the Second world war. 17 passengers and three crew members were killed.

Trillion for Apple

August 2 in the course of trading on NASDAQ, the market capitalization of Apple has exceeded $1 trillion. This milestone surpassed for the second time in history and for the first time during trading in the US.