Photo: the Winner bought the land for a rural getaway

A man bought a lottery ticket last fall. Put in a jacket pocket and forgot about it from a friend. And when the thing was back there, he learned that he had hit the jackpot.

A resident of the canadian city of Sault STE Marie, Ontario, Jose Lima was found in a jacket, which he returned to his friend, a lottery ticket purchased them last fall. The man became richer by 100 thousand canadian dollars, writes the Sault Star.

69-year-old retired electrician remembered the ticket in the pocket of the jacket. You have the winning ticket and brought him a large sum.

The man has managed to spend part of the prize amount. He purchased land for a country holiday and boat trips.

“It’s something that happens once in a lifetime, if ever, happens,” said the winner, adding that he feels great.

As previously reported, the canadian became a millionaire because of a mistake of the cashier. Retired cashier printed by mistake the ticket a completely different lottery.

Also wrote that the American has hit the jackpot the second time in three years. The first time a man has won in 2017. Both times, he tore a jackpot of $4 million.

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