Kharkiv city hall will appeal to court to limit the shares on 15 September


The conciliation Commission of the Kharkiv city Council at the meeting on 5 September did not support holding a number of public events scheduled for September 15, including the “Harbourage”. It is reported MediaPort.

The Committee members instructed the legal Department of the city Council to apply to the court to restrict the holding of shares among which the organized LGBT community “Harboured” shares “for traditional family values” which are initiated by public organization “the Tradition and order”, “Right sector” and “Right youth”.

Officials of the city Council opposed the holding of the shares as it, in their opinion, would interfere with the traffic in the city.

Head of the preventive activities of the regional police Sergei Barbashov called for the organizers to agree to hold the stock in different places. Co-organizer “Harbourage” Anna sharygina expressed readiness to change the route of the procession for security reasons, but the organizers, she said, are not going to cancel the event.

“We discussed with the police, security issues, and we are ready to consider a different route of our stock to the right to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful Assembly of different people with different perspectives can be successful in our city. Therefore, we will not cancel our event, but we are ready to consider various routes for the safety of our city,” she said.

After the Commission voted for the appeal to the court of Berbatov again appealed to the organizers.

“There is still time before the moment will be considered in court. Maybe somehow we will find a common consensus and will hold these shares, but in concert with all, so that the rights of all participants of the stock was not broken? I suggest, we still have some time. Revise routes, the group and the venue, to avoid threats of violation of the rights of other citizens”, – he said.

“Harboured” advertised by the organizers 14.00 on Sunday, September 15.

The mayor of the city Gennady Kernes on 2 September said that the authorities of Kharkiv are going through the courts to ban this promotion.