May 14, 2018, the Director announced an indefinite hunger strike


At present, the Russian authorities have two petitions clemency of the prisoner in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov. About this lawyer Dmitry Dinze said on air of the program “NIN vzhe” on TV channel “Gromadske”.

Names of applicants Dinze was not called.

“At least two petitions were received, I’m not going to name who, how and why. Me this information reported. I believe that it will have to name the people who did it,” – said the lawyer.

He said that one of the petitions for clemency were received from Europe, the second – from Russia.

According to Dinze, legally, a pardon is not necessarily to ask family.

“It can be, accordingly, and people from abroad, and officials. Limitations on the application for pardon is not,” added the defender.

Sentsov was sentenced in Russia to 20 years in prison on 25 August 2015. A Russian court found him guilty of creating in the Crimea of the terrorist community and guide them, attempted purchase of explosive devices and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, two terrorist acts and the preparation of another attack. Sentsov pleaded not guilty.

May 14, 2018, the Director announced an indefinite hunger strike in the colony of the city Labytnangi. He demanded the release of 64 Ukrainian political prisoners, but in the list are not included.

On 9 June the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko discussed by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin the issue of Ukrainian political prisoners. The leaders agreed that the ombudsmen of both countries in the near future to visit prisoners citizens.

On 13 June Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova went to Russia. During his stay in Russia, she unsuccessfully tried several times to get to Sentsov.