The Kremlin is “humor” published in The New York Times information about what Russia is engaged in wiretapping American leader Donald trump. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports RBC.

Photo: Reuters

“Such publications are already humorous. We regret that the newspaper recklessly published information that likely indicates a decrease in the level of journalistic responsibility,” he said.

On the question of whether the Kremlin is based on tapping the intelligence, Peskov said that for this reason it is better to contact the American newspaper.

“She probably has information on this subject, which can be the basis for publication,” — said the press Secretary of the President.

We are talking about the article, which was published yesterday, 24 October . According to sources at the NYT, in addition to Russian spies talk of the American President with old friends, for which it uses your unprotected iPhone, eavesdropping and Chinese spies. Interlocutors indicated that trump’s aides repeatedly warned him about the dangers of using iPhone, however, the head of state to their words not applicable seriously or refuses the smartphone.

China, said the newspaper, uses this data to influence US policy. Russia does not adhere to such tactics because of the “assumed close” trump for President Vladimir Putin, said one of officials in conversation with the publication.