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Prisoner for life, the American became a star network, preparing a meal in his cell with an improvised devices.

In California, a prisoner started a food blog and became a star network. About it tells the Daily Mail.

God under the name TikTok @blockboyjmomey brought 31-year-old Jaron Combs, who is serving a life sentence for murder. Page men attracted more than 1.3 million likes, and the most popular video had been viewed 5.4 million times.

Combe prepares food in-camera using homemade devices. So, with broken microwaves and metal beds, he did the grill.

The man notes that the food is homemade delicious seems to him, so he became interested in cooking. He cooks for other inmates and friends, and its speciality considers a burrito.

Earlier it was reported that the man the whole night drinking and watching porn at the supermarket. Also the Correspondent wrote that leading to the quarantine trimmed the bushes in a bikini and became a star network.

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