After a night at the entrance of “dead”, the photographer went to the school line, where there was a funny incident

Photo: Facebook Yuri Kazarskogo

After the story of a journalist Arkady Babchenko, who took part in the special operation of the SBU, where he was first “killed”, and then, after the arrest of the organizer of the assassination – “resurrected”, his friend, the photographer Yuri Matsarsky, told a funny story, indirectly related to those events.

So, in his Facebook, he wrote, as “after a night spent first at the entrance “of the dead”, then bathed in the blood of his apartment, and finally home of mutual friends with trembling “widow”, I sleep for about an hour, went to school for child in range (30 may school of Kiev took place “last call” – Ed.)”.

“Put on sunglasses to not see tearful eyes, and fell in the group of parents behind the students in the class daughter. Suddenly, the homeroom teacher grabbed my hand and started to talk about gaps in education small,” he said.

According to Kazarskogo, the teacher complained that the daughter of the photographer masterfully swears at other children.

“- Swears, says. – So skillfully that I already opened his mouth. Then I remember how brilliantly swore “dead” and I have themselves of tears. Standing in front of the teacher and naturally Reva. Cool stops in mid-sentence, looks at me and rushes to console – But the rest – a great girl, smart, cute. Well, swears a bit sometimes, why are you so worried?” with humor he added.