The IOC created a special Commission to monitor closely the Russians

AFP photo

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) has published rules of conduct for athletes and representatives of the Russian delegation at the Games in 2018.

Based on the rules, athletes, officials, teams and head of delegation are required:

1. Respect the decision of the IOC Executive Committee;

2. Publicly and through social networks to contact members of the delegation only as “OAR”, “Olympic athlete from Russia” or “SAR”;

3. To understand that Olympic athletes from Russia will compete under the Olympic flag, and during the award ceremonies will sound the Olympic anthem;

4. All accredited athletes and delegation members during training, competition, in everyday life, as well as during solemn ceremonies should be dressed in a form approved by the IOC. Badges and accessories must also be agreed with the Committee;

5. Athletes and members of delegations must refrain from all forms of public activity associated with the flag, anthem and state symbols throughout the Olympic venues, and media (including social networks, retweets and reposts them). The flag can be hung in your own room in the Olympic village, but only after consultation with the IOC. It should not be visible from the outside;