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The results of the study.

Swiss scientists have discovered that the use of the Internet helps to maintain cognitive ability in old age. This is especially true for men, says a paper published in Scientific Reports, the magazine writes “the Knife”.

The final sample consisted of 897 participants (mean age 74.3 years), which told the researchers how often they use the Internet. In addition, volunteers were asked about their level of education, field activities, Hobbies and chronic diseases.

The subjects were experiment twice with an interval of six years. In the experiment, known as the Trail Making Test, participants needed to as quickly as possible and without error to connect 25 numbered dots. Additionally, the subjects were complicated version of the test, in which it was necessary to combine not only numbers but also letters in alphabetical order.

Active Internet users have passed the test faster than those who were far from technology. Interestingly, women have similar dependencies were observed. The scientists also noticed that older women use the Internet less often than men. The observation may be due to the fact that the user is looking for in the Internet, scientists believe.