Georgian: I have nothing to hide

Photo: Dmitry Georgian / Facebook

The Director of the Department of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine Dmitry Georgian in the comment to the edition “GORDON” said that information about declaring him an annual salary in the amount of almost UAH 32 mln untrue and was spread to discredit “Suspilno moulenda”.

“I just made a mistake in commas. The said sum was not 39 UAH and kopecks. First time in my life filled out a Declaration, and “well-wishers” have already gladly disseminated by. Therefore, I specifically published in its official Facebook income statement. My income 317 034, 39 UAH. I have nothing to hide. The hype surrounding the error in my Declaration – another attack on reform and “Suspine moulenda”. In all areas where there are significant changes, and connects haters. Whether it is TV or health care. Because it breaks someone’s shady money-making scheme,” – said the Georgian.