Photo: Twitter the Groom has infected 100 people and those other people

Indian before his wedding he felt bad and wanted to cancel the celebration. This was opposed by the relatives from both sides. At the wedding the groom was infected with coronavirus 100 guests, and two days later died.

Resident Indian city of Paliganj in the district of Patna, at his own wedding was infected with coronavirus almost all guests, and two days after the celebrations died from infection. Authorities this wedding is seen as the greatest source of infection in Bihar, writes The Indian Express.

30-year-old groom before the wedding, felt good, however the official date he had a temperature. The man wanted to postpone the wedding due to the illness, however, the relatives from his side and the bride flatly refused to do, since the wedding has left a lot of money.

People were convinced that their area coronavirus can not appear. It is not drew attention to the fact that the groom was working in another city.

The wedding took place on the appointed day, attended by more than 350 guests.

In two days the newly-made husband feel really bad. Relatives took him to hospital but he died on the way there.

Indian was cremated. The test for the coronavirus he did.

Later this case became known to the authorities. The doctors did test all those present at the wedding. About 100 people test COVID-19 was positive. Many of the guests had infected other people.

As reported earlier, in Slavyansk, women are massively infected COVID-19. Coronavirus in the city which day is diagnosed predominantly in women. Men among the diseased – in the absolute minority.

Also wrote that Kim Jong-UN told why the DPRK has no COVID-19. According to official statistics, North Korea does not identify any case of infection coronavirus infection of the new type.

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