Photo: Business Insider In the United States sell paintings and give marijuana

Some of the customers appreciated the unusual artist and has already made him a few orders.

Two entrepreneurs from Washington, USA, opened an art gallery selling paintings, painted dog, and add to each order a few grams of marijuana. This writes the Business Insider.

Paintings that sell in the gallery, written by four-year-old dog Ship, which made a special brush. Sudo loves to mix colors and always draws with pleasure.

As for ideas to add to each picture the gift of cannabis, the owners of the gallery agree that so wanted to draw attention to the work of Shipbuilding, which, however, was already considered talented.

They say that to sell cannabis in D.C. is illegal, but to give it along with the purchase perhaps. This loophole was used by founders of the gallery DistrictDerp anais Hayes and Christopher Licata.

Marijuana bought the picture they are added in an amount proportional to the value of work. For example, you can buy the painting for $ 55 and get 3.5 grams as a bonus or spend $ 330 and get one ounce.

“One of the reasons we’ve been able to link marijuana and paintings Sudo, that works of art can be a specific price. Different people are willing to pay for paintings of different amounts,” explained co-owner of the gallery anais Hayes.

It is known that due to the limitations associated with the spread of the coronavirus, the mayor of Washington DC Muriel Bowser shut down all art galleries in the city until may 15, but left open the pharmacy, which sells marijuana.

Earlier it was reported that the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 has led in Canada to a sharp rise in sales of recreational cannabis.

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