Photo: a frame from the video Giant grouper attacked a small shark

A small shark caught on the hook of the fishermen and trying to break free. In the end it nearly became the prey of a giant perch.

Fishermen off the coast of Florida videotaped a rare sight – a giant grouper that attacked a small shark. The video appeared on the YouTube channel ABC15 Arizona.

The shark had the bait fishermen and trying to break free. But suddenly from the depths came a giant grouper, a fish from the rock perch that grabbed and dragged her off.

Because the shark was still on the hook, the rod in the hands of one of the fishermen bent in an arc. Ten minutes lasted an intense struggle with bass.

In the end he had to spit out his prey. According to witnesses, the mass of fish could be over 220 pounds.

Earlier it was reported that a shark might have taken the woman the finger when she decided to feed her.

It was also reported that a white shark was spotted off the coast of Spain for the first time in ten years.

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